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Staff and Organisational Development

Suitable, satisfied staff are the most important form of capital a company can have. Without this human capital, no company can ever hope to be successful! The University of Graz supports this way of thinking by treating its employees with respect and providing comprehensive staff development. At the University of Graz, therefore, staff development is seen as an integral part of a professional HR and leadership management approach.

Areas of activity of Staff and Organisational Development at the University of Graz:

HR development at the University of Graz begins right from when new employees join, as Staff Development provides professional support with finding and selecting (recruiting) new colleagues and gives them a warm welcome to the University. Staff Development also helps new employees in their initial training phase through the UNISTART programme and gives them ongoing support in their day-to-day work with comprehensive internal continuing education offers. The varied services provided by Staff Development also include appraisal interviews, apprentice training at the University, the internal careers portal and drawing up employee reference letters.

Organisational Development focuses on issues related to processes of change in order to ensure that the University and those who contribute to it develop sustainably and holistically. Key to this is getting everyone who is involved or affected to participate. Organisational Development provides the following services:

  • We give advice about processes
  • We support you during processes of change
  • We help prevent and resolve conflicts
  • We provide new job profiles in decentralised administration


Objectives of Staff and Organisational Development:

  • Attaining high levels of motivation and staff satisfaction 
  • Helping staff to identify with the University as a “company”
  • Spotting and fostering potential amongst the staff
  • Facilitating and supporting continuing personal development
  • Supporting and coaching staff leaders
  • Enhancing performance
  • Developing the University and helping it to achieve its objectives as an organisation
  • Fostering respect and responsibility

Accompanying processes and bringing about organisational development

HR Development


Paula Blasch

Zinzendorfgasse 34/II8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 1191

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